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To follow onto our Drawdown series, where we highlight the top 10 solutions by the book: ““”, we will be discussing the importance of Clean Cookstoves.

Many environmental and social issues act as catalysts or as direct effects of one…

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A couple of years ago, we came across an ambitiously titled book: “”.

The author, Paul Hawken together with an army of climate researchers, assessed and compiled a list of 80 solutions from a range of sectors such as transportation…

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To understand what to expect out of 2021, let’s look back to what happened in the environmental space in 2020.

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a year that many of us want to put behind us. What started off as a wake-up call to necessary climate action given…

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In our previous post, we explored the thought, How sustainable is online shopping? , taking into account the growing problem of hyper-consumerism and introducing our method of Mindful Dropshipping.

In this think-piece, we want to continue on this same tangent and explore…

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When it comes to buying stuff, it’s safe to say that online shopping is proving to be cost-effective, convenient and downright easy to do. No wonder in 2019, , thanks to conglomerates like Amazon and Taobao. …

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What’s Happened in the Media

It has been nearly three months since we posted our piece on ‘’ where we explored the linkages between environmental and racial injustice. To carry on the discussion, we felt it was necessary to address what has happened broadly since the beginning of May, who…

Written by Nina Pusic & Julio C. Othon

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2020 — the world is starting to see the impact of above estimated pre-industrial levels. The past few years have had the recorded in California’s history; severe floods due to during monsoons in…

Written by Noora Mykkanen

Fresh vegetables handed out [Source: | ]
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Food is fantastic, fabulous and many more things making it the true muse and- in fact- enabler of human invention. While food is primarily a fuel to keep us active, for many…

Written by Martin Haga

View of Toronto City Hall’s Green Roof [Source: ]

When I first moved back to Toronto roughly four years ago I began to notice a widespread trend with urban infrastructure: a proliferation of flat roofs. …


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